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Leather Leone

July 16, 2017


1) First question, maybe too generic but always important: let's talk a little bit about you. 

I am an upstate NY person who was raised catholic, so  I started singing in church.
It carried me through to college where I sang in cover rock bands.  Bored in the early eighties, I moved to San Francisco where Metal was all a buzz at that time.  I was caught up in the loud beauty of it all.    I started singing in a band called "Rude Girl"
I was blessed to be introduced to the huge growing Bay Area Metal scene....through all of this I met Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records who introduced me to David T Chastain...


2) If I ask you, what kind of music you play, what will you answer?

I would answer music from and for the soul....many of you understand...



3) Leather, you are a great singer, with a huge carrieer, how much is important for an icon like you having an identity and a personal style? 

I don't think much about image and style much.   I'm just a metal singer whose wears sneakers...I just create and do music that moves me... I do what comes out of me naturally.   I have been blessed to meet musicians that feel the same.

Especially my new band....




4) In your personal carrier which is the best part or the experience that formed you most?

Being introduced to the metal great Ronnie Dio musically and personally helped me become the vocalist I am.   His talent and passion made a huge impression on me.... I learned a lot about music and life watching him.    I draw from him still. He taught me it was always inside of me.



5) Do you have a singer or artist that inspired you most?
I believe I just answered that... lol. Along with Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson. What incredible examples...I thank all of them.



6) There is some artist in the music world scene, which you would like to play with? 
I have always thought Godsmack and I would be a good fit...Call me



7) You've been the lead singer of Chastain for a long time, which is your favourite album or


song that you played?

I don't really have one.  When I record each song I fall I love for that moment.
Of course "Angel of Mercy " was one of the best songs Chastain ever wrote.
I just always look to move forward and create the best I favorite hasn't 
been written yet...



8) Right now, which are your projects? 

My priority is my new band.   I met Daemon Ross in 2014 in Brasil. I met Vinnie Tex, Thiago Velasquez and Braulio Drumond in Sept 2016.   Rodrigo Scelza has brought us all together.  We are finishing up our new record as we speak.   We recently toured Europe and are ready to continue...Stay tuned 



9) If you have to advice a song to someone who doesn't know you, which song you will advice for lettin know your music

A song called "Annabelle " which will be on the new Leather record...



10) Leather Leone, how is to be a woman in a metal world?


I is an honor and a privilege.   It is where I is a blessing...

It is a fucking blast.....come with me...



Thanks to Leather Leone for this interview! leone

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