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1. First of all thanks for your time. Could you introduce your band a little bit?

Hello! Sure, Benighted was created in 1998 by members from French extreme formations like Osgiliath, Darkness Fire and Dishumanized. We have recorded 8 albums and our last one “Necrobreed” is out since last February on Season of Mist. We are actually touring for the promotion of this one, and we’ve already done a French tour, a European one, summer festivals and we are now looking for the Asian tour in November. 2. If you have to describe your kind of music, which is your genre?

Our music is a combination of death metal and lots of influences which make it a pretty interesting mix between old-school and modern stuff. You can find some other styles like black metal, grindcore or hardcore along our tracks too. It has to be brutal, fast, groovy, surprising and also very insane according to the concept of the band which is about psychiatric pathologies (I work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital). 3. Let's talk about your last work!

It’s the first time with “Necrobreed” that we go that far in the concept of an album. The music and the lyrics are telling a story about a schizophrenic man who stitches dead animals to his belly to feel pregnant and build his own-dead family this way. The music and the sound, plus the intros and samples have been created to really make it like an audio horror movie. For the first time, we really paid attention to the insane and deranging parts which are reinforcing the brutality of the album and the sickness it contains. There are lots of atmospheres which fit perfectly with the dark side we wanted this album to have. And I would also say that we succeeded to write an album where each song has its own identity and is easily remindable because of its crazy parts or catchy chorus. When we tried the new tracks on stage, we noticed that the crowd already knew the lyrics and screamed with me along the show. 4. Do you have a particular moment or memories that you want to share with us?

Two weeks ago, we played Motocultor Festival in the very west of France, and our show had to finish at something like 11pm, then we directly jumped into the van because we had to go to Germany for Summer Breeze where we were supposed to play at 2pm… After a killer show at Motocultor, all sweaty and tired, we drove all night something like 13 hours without sleep and arrive one hour before the show… We were so exhausted that we gave a killer show at SB only with our nerves and rage, then we partied a lot and needed 3 days to recover from it! That was epic! Ah ah! 5. I see you in a lot of festival how is playin in a huge festival? Do you prefer small gig or huge one?

I love both! It’s always very exciting to play in front of thousands people like at Summer Breeze, Hellfest or Wacken Open Air, but I also really like the spirit of the small shows where you are very close to the crowd, share a lot with the crowd and make it more “familial”. As long as we feel people enjoy what they see and share their energy with us, we are happy! 6. For the people who don't know you, could you advice a song or album that identify you most?

I would say that they have to listen to “Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth” from “Asylum Cave” with his long vocal break where the crowd screams with us! It’s always a lot of emotions to let them sing it instead of me before the track starts and that the fury gets unleashed on stage and in the pit! I would also recommend “Experience Your Flesh” from “Carnivore Sublime” and “Reptilian” from “Necrobreed” if people want tracks that define us pretty good. 7. Which are your musical inspirations?

I would say Napal Death, Dying Fetus, Aborted and Nasum. 8. Last question, do you know Italian metal scene? And if it yes, what do you think about?

Of course! I am a huge fan of my brothers from Hideous Divinity or Hour of Penance which are killer bands and it’s always a pleasure to share the stage with them! You also find that you have a very interesting black metal scene! 9. A quick hello for our readers, thanks for your time!

Thank you for this interview! We can’t wait to be back to Italy and party with our friends and fans! Keep on supporting extreme metal! Stay sick! 

Thanks again to Benighted!