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Ralph Santolla a great musician passed away.

It was a sunny day, ten years ago, when i first met Ralph. He came out of stage smiling and said to me "Hello". Since then, he always talked to me, laughin and making jokes. In ten years he always has been a good friend, listenin to me when needed it and advice me. He always was there for his fans. He always been there for everyone. 

Yesterday he passed away, in peace, after days been in a coma due to heart attack. This notice shocked me and still today i can't believe he is gone. 

Ralph Santolla was also a great musician, known for his amazing works with Obituary which made one album, three with Deicide and his collaboration continued with Death, Millenium and Iced Earth. He was one of the most underrated musician. 

His mum announce his death on social media with this message, yesterday:" Good morning. Just so we all start to heal, Ralph Santolla is not laying on that bed at St Joseph Hospital. He has gone, and he is happy and at peace in heaven. I want to start your day with a little humor. My wonderful mother and Ralph grandmother passed away three years ago. One of my friends was trying to console me, Fred Parker, and had the comment that Ralph would be playing music for his just made me laugh to visualize Ralph playing heavy metal for his Nannie. OMG….it would be so funny… His Nannie was an amazingly strong woman and she would tell him, cut it down, and play something decent. I my son more than anyone can imagine, my heart is broken..but I know he loved me unconditionally and will always be with me. It is the same with all of us, he will be with you everyone, everyday and his love will surround us now and forever.i wanted to tell everyone that I have thousands of messages…I just can’t deal with it right now but I love each of you.”

Bill Hudson his closest friend, always gave us notice about his health in that week he as in a coma, and thanks to him we had a chance to see a side of Ralph different from musician, a man with a sense of humor, with huge love for his friends and family. 

Right now, all his fans are writing to him, on social media, because his lost broke many hearts. 

He was a organ donator, and as said "who receive organ from someone, then receive part of him" so, Ralph even if passed aways he saved life and helps people. 

He always been rememebered by everyone, thanks to his kindness and music.

We always rememeber him with a smile, like he used to be, a smiling man.

Our thougts now goes to his mum, his son, his dearest friend Bill Hudson and to everyone was close to him. 

Music lost a great musica and great friend, and I, Ada Manfrè , I am honored to have the chance to met him. 

Thank you Ralph for your music and your friendship. You will never been forgotten.