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Summer Breeze is better than home!

Here we are, sad but satisfied that also this editon of Summer Breeze is endend.

But let's start from the begin.

Being a photographer and owner of a webzine isn't easy, especially for us that come from very far, Sicily. But we love music, we love festival and we love Summer Breeze. So, almost one year before we decided to repeat (it's the second year for us) this amazing avventure.

We had everything we need with us, backpack, pass, camera and especially "the music", we arrived at the VIP area, that is my little piece of heaven! It's like being home there. After planned the "band tour on the stages" we were READY. READY TO METAL!

Day One:

The band that this day will be on stage were less than the other days but this is need it to warm up the people!

We arrived when Death Rite was playing and Damn it! How many energy they had! I admit it, i didnt knew them,but i waas shocked, they has been incredibly amazing! Another band was surprise for us ( not so much, cause I love them from before) were Auon, they had a magnificent look on the stage, their singer carisma was different from all the other i saw.

And how can't I talk about the huge and incredily Kataklysm, of course you have to know them!! I'm old fan of them, but everytime I saw them it's like a hurricane of energy and at in the end, there were them SEPULTURA. What can say about them? they are pure hurricane, they are like an earthquake inside you, they are ARISE!

But , but but, the day wasn't over, I had the HUGE pleasure to interview the funny and kind and friendly ( I can go on for hours) SUPER MEGA EVIL SCARECROW), they are an amazing band, you have totally to see the interview, avalaible on the site and youtube. I hope to see them again, and again. I fall in love with them!


Day Two:

The second day was fuull of bands to shoot, to listen, to love. First to love were BAEST. this band totally capture me, this band is the kind of band perfect to shoot. Full of energy, Carisma and their death metal,(said from a lover of classic metal) totally capture me, they were also soo kind, that Simon Olsen, the singer, let him interview in a facebook live! ( you will find this interview available too), after them it's time to let the sun goes down and thr darkness rise up, here the BEHEMOT. No words need it. They were like light (if we can say so) in the darkness. Their show totally on fire!

Last band of the day for us, was Cannibal Corpse, one of the death metal extreme founder what a honor! Summer breeze was shaking. Cannibal Corpse makes shake all the fields in a way I never saw.

Day three:

the fullest day for us.

All started with the legend of Misery Index, i didnt know them, I'm honest, but fuck. I LOVE THEM.

After them was time of BEER, was time of the king of the Beer: tankard! They were as I expected, even better, they were funny, charismatic and i mean they are TANKARD!

It's time to hangband your head at the rythm of Dying Fetus, incredibly perfect and low but mean as evil, their sound is pure DEATH METAL. All the T.- Stage were hang banging!

In meantime we had another pleasent and kind interview with the Sign of Cain, they are so nice and so available that seems to speak with friends, not doing interview.. Also you can find it online and on the website.

As we excpected was raining. And getting worse during one my favorite artist: THE GODDESS DORO PESCH. She is more than i ever thought, she is incredibly amazing, She is the QUEEN OF HEAVY METAL. She exudes strongness, you can see it from miles aways, even all this years, even if we are not in 80s metal, she makes 80s metal come back for one night!

Fourth and last day:

Sadly the last day has come, but try not to think at this for now. TODAY WAS MY DAY.

We almost lived at Main Stage, but while we were going Main Stage we stopped to see and hear and shoot ACRANIUS, such a revelation! ( Perfect on photos) I was like stopped in front of the stage, looking at them with all eyes and ears opened, DAMN CONGRATS GUYS.

But it was time for us to be in Main Stage:

Korpiklaanii, was a party with them it is always a party! a HORN in your hand and start to dance! After them DirkSchneider! UDO, please tell me that everybody loves UDO! He is a legend! What can I say? they kick our ass! Balls to the Walls!!!

But in the end, there was THEM. WASP

Oh my God. Lawless voice, Lawless energy, i'm still shaking. Seeing them face to face was a dream for me, and when they started to sang their masterpiece, ok i wasnt the reporter, photographer or whatever, I was just Ada, a madness and wildness fan.

So the Summer Breeze was over.

But Summer Breeze for us means family, the best things in this festival is that you are like a member of huge family. You find help when you need, you find smile when you smile and you find friends and i can't wait to come home again!

see you next year!!