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ALBUM REVIEW: Chapter IV of The Evil Scarecrow

Evil Scarecrow, band from notthingam, is around the world's music since 2002, they get affermed in different festivals around U.K. They are not an usual band, they are much more. I had the fortune to met them at summer breeze for an interview. They are Artists. They can combine art with music, metal and not. With their huge sense of humorism you will love them so strongly! So, let's start.

In 28 of September their new album Chapter IV: Antartarctica will be out and I was very lucky to hear it before that. They will be on tour around UK And Ireland, and from their new album they pubblished two official video:




The album is formed by 10 songs. I won't define it simply “songs”. I will prefer say that the album is kind of journey. I listened several time the songs and it seems to afford a journey. From the first track:. "Skulls of our Enemies" the journey begins with a heavy metal sounds mixed with enchanged riffs, it brings you to another land, a land made of dreams. This is the best things about the album, you can imagine your own journey. It continues with" Red Riding Horses", it has a calm and dark sound for starting and when you less expect it, it will explode in a huge fire of riffs and vocals, (this is one of my favourite tracks). The journey continue with " way of die" faster then hell this track won’t disappoint you, you will see how the purest metal comes out. The sound change in "Magician", the journey will take a little stop here, this a evil track, you can hear the anger and the great cleverness of the band to change their sound so easily and faster, "Hurricanando " is a following of fast riffs and strength of this tracks that we can say to be the huge track of the album. I can keep to continue to talk about every single tracks, but c'mon this album is a masterpiece! I just wanna talk about "Polterghost", you can feel the track thru your veins, it's perfect, a perfect match of mistery, gothic and genuine metal music that create an obsure atmosphere for the listener. The journey will end with the amazing "ballad of brother Pain", sadly melancholy but it tells about a monk who travel alone to antartic with just a tunic and nothing else with him. Like I said before is a journey, an epic, majestic and glorious journey that Evil Scarecrow create to make dreams the listener.

It's a great, great work. Amazing music and they are not only musician they are artists, their music is Art.

I leave you with few words said by Dr. Hell:

""Chapter IV: Antartarctica is (as the title expertly suggests) our fourth full-length studio album. We really wanted to push our musical boundaries and create a record that connects with the world we live in today. I think everyone can relate to the endeavours of a sandal-clad monk bravely exploring a sub-antarctic wasteland, on an unknown quest, enduring the extreme elements and battling his inner demons… and an ice slug who shoots frozen milk...If not that, haven't we all had to live with a malevolent ‘Polterghost’ at some point? Laddering our tights and chucking spaghetti about the place... Bastards. Equally relatable is our track ‘Gus, Zag and the Turnip King’. The amount of stories you hear up the pub about staunch satanists accidentally summoning a two-headed turnip monster, instead of our lord Beelzebub, which then goes onto destroy the earth. Then, in a final desperate act of time travel, two people are genetically melded together through a space vortex, horribly mutated to become the aforementioned taproot. It's a classic grandfather paradox tale that speaks to us all. Despite the deep socio-political messages, we also wanted to reflect and record important parts of our recent history. Everyone remembers the devastating Mars invasion of 2017, right? In our defence on this one, we did write the song in 2016, so it could have happened. Or maybe it did and you've all forgotten, too busy with your heads buried in social media, no doubt! The fact that you have read this nonsense this far is frankly a miracle. Maybe you need to get out more. Y'know, do some outdoor activities or something. We're all going to die, probably much sooner than we would like. The least you can do is get some fresh air and watch the sunset with a loved one, silently reflecting on the darkness that follows the final, gasping rays of the dying sun as a metaphor for the bleak ending of your own insignificant existence... Oh, there's also a song about a cosmic goth moth! Well actually it's sort of about his gong. It’s called ‘Cosmos Goth Moth Gong’."

I was very lucky to met this band. To know their music and to saw them live on stage.

You can ( HAVE TO ) buy the album at this link in pre – order:

and find more info on their faceook page: