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Most people nowadays forget what real metal is, there are so many type of metal that everyone forget the true metal, the roots of metal, we are talking of pure heavy metal, and we have to say thanks to Chastain for remembering us what HEAVY METAL IS. And I mean, the purest and fucking heavy metal. Since 80s they were pioneers in heavy metal, with the amazing voice of one the most incredible singer of all the time, Leather Leone. And this years they release: 1319 is an album which takes tracks from the five lastest album and use it with different arrangements. As David t.Chastain explains, they could have released it, if only they could have an album during the leather second generation era. The album includes the track "the first attack" that wasn't included in the original release.

Chastain are formed, in this album, by Stian Kristoffersen as drummer, Leather Leone as vocalist, David T.Chastain as Main Guitarist, and Mike Skimmerhorn at bass.

Listening this album was like being back in 80s (even if i wasnt born yet ahaha), this entire album shows how the band is capable of arranging a song from an album to another. For all the 14 tracks I felt the energy, the power and the rage of the Chastain that I used to know, of couse they improved with time, but the voice, oh gosh, the voice of Leather is like pure power, pure energy. I swear, I never listened a voice so strong and powerful and clean at the same time. She' s the queen of METAL. I'm not forgetting the mind behind all of this, David, he is a wonderful human being and a highly talented and technical guitarist, every riffs and every solo is pure 80s heavy fucking metal!!!

The album starts with "surrend no oone" which is a heavy metal classic song, in all the album we have this alternative version with a classic sound of 80s heavy metal, and this is clearly showed by the voice of Leather, which her strong voice. The first 10 songs had the sound of the purest heay metal “Hail the King” is the strongest and the horse of battle of this album, we can say: like an hymn to the battle; "We Bleed Metal" that we alreay knows 'cause is one of the most known song of the last years. The lastest song are a little bit more modern, in fact we can see that just listening to the riffs, solo, and the powerof the drums; also we can notice some musical influence like progressive or power metal, but at least they OWN HEAVY METAL SOUND. Of course we can notice in some songs like an evolution of the sound, due to the strongness of the guitar riffs. I mean, yes we are in 2019, and not anymore in 80s but they still have that sound. What can I say? With Leather Leone back, Chastain will be always one of the best heavy metal band, they were in 80s and they are still today.