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There was a woman with an incredible strength, with a voice of a thunder and an angel. There was a woman with heavy metal in her veins. There was a woman who fought for music, who fought for keep metal high, she had a big heart, a big smile and an energy that changes your life. This woman was and still (stronger than ever) is Leather Leone. She is pure energy and strength.

She has the most incredible and purest voice in all the earth.

I will fight for her, for her music will be spread like she fought for us, for giving us the best song ever and like she is still fighting for the real metal! SHE IS MY INSPIRATION. SHE IS LEATHER. LEATHER LEONE.

Leather started her career very young, in San Francisco where she joined with the incredible drummer, Sandy Sledge, an all female metal band, in early 80s, The Rude Girls. They were on stage with groups like Suicidal Tendencies and Megadeth, the band was having a seven year record deal with Columbia Records, but Rude Girls, splitted up before their first album, so what remained of Rude Girl became Malibu Barbi, which released an EP in 1987.

Her career was on the top, and she was chosen to became lead vocalist of Chastain, together with the incredible guitarist David T.Chastain, the band recorded five album and the band had members of Alice Cooper band, Cannibal Corpse and King Diamond. After six years she went away from Chastain, and in 2013 she joined Chastain again, releasing Two album.

While she left Chastain she release solo album Shock Waves, that I LOVE, in 1987 with road runner records.

Now she is on music scene again with her band formed by the amazing musician from Brasil, Daemon Ross, Vinnie Tex, Thiaho Velasquez and Braullo Drumond And with them she started touring again.

She also had a small but HUGE project with Sandy Sledge.

They released a debut album.

But how we cannot talk about her affection and relationship with the Great Ronnie James Dio, she get inspired by him, and he was like a guide to her, her voice remember a Dio's version female voice. They had a strong friendship and she also wrote two songs for him. I want to leave you with this amazing songs, remembering all of us the father of Metal, Dio.

Most of metal woman, in 80s where like the goddess of metal, today. We know, Doro Pesch, Lita Ford and so on. But one woman has metal in her body, she has integrity and she is a woman that LEAD all the metal. She is Leather Leone. THE QUEEN OF METAL.

At least, what can I say: Do you want to see her in Europe???