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Interview with EVIL INVADERS

Thanks to Max, the lead guitarist.

1)First of all thanks for your time. Could you introduce your band a little bit?

My pleasure! First we have Joe on vocals and guitar, Senne on drums, Joeri on Bass and me, Max on guitar. The band itself exists roughly since 2009 but the train really started rolling around 2013 with the release of the first self-titled EP. In this line up we are playing together since 2015 now


2)If you have to describe your kind of music, which is your genre?

I think that’s a tough question to answer. Over the years, a lot of different elements have become part of our song writing, so I think it’s not easy to put a stamp on it. But basically I would say that it is a good mixture of Thrash and Speed Metal with some heavier touch from time to time. For example, BROKEN DREAMS IN ISOLATION which is on our latest album called FEED ME VIOLENCE, is way different from what we have done so far. It’s the first “slow” and down tuned song this band has ever written. But I mean, just because there’s one slow song on a record, it doesn’t define us suddenly as Heavy Metal or so. METALLICA did it back then as well with THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE or OVERKILL with PLAYING WITH SPIDERS / SKULLCRUSHER. They were still called THRASH hahaha.

3)Let's talk about your last work!

If you mean our latestrelease, then that would be our live record, which we’ve recorded at the TRIX in Antwerp back in September 2018. Our idea behind the release of a live album/ DVD was to make it possible for every single fan/ person to enjoy the full experience of our live show. For example, we have fans that come from different continents that sadly never got the chance to come see us live but now at least they can have the chance to get an idea of how it would be. Back in the day, bands brought a lot of show elements to their gigs to add something special to their live sets.

Over the years, most bands stopped doing that and went back to basic, which is nothing bad of course, but we personally like the “oldskool” way a lot. We want to give the people not only something to listen to, we also want to offer them something to see. On the DVD that is included with the live record SURGE OF INSANITY, we brought up everything we had to give the people the full experience of what we have to offer. Smoke, golden rain, Co2, blood and sweat, you name it, we got it hahahaha. For people that are curios to get a taste of what I am talking about, here are some links:

4)Do you have a particular moment or memories that you want to share with Us?

There are quite a lot of moments and memories that are worth telling but if I start now, it probably won’t come to an end haha I do gotta admit, that our trip to Brazil was quite an experience! We played a show on a Sunday in a city called Sao Louis. There weren’t so many people that day but damn… These guys were real die hard fans, I tell you. From the first chord on, they moshed, stage dived and tore that club to pieces. At one point, one stage diver just fell into me and I broke a string. Of course I didn’t have a tuner so I ran outside of the club trying to get my guitar back into tune. In the mean time while I was gone apparently Joe’s microphone cable got ripped in two and Senne’s drum kit literally fell apart. So when I returned the show was suddenly over and people were falling over Joe screaming at him to play more but we literally couldn’t anymore hahahaha. Ah yeah, and my amplifier burned down during soundcheck so we had to get a spare from somewhere. That surely was a crazy and great experience!

5)I see you in a lot of festival how is playin in a huge festival? Do you prefer small gig or huge one?

I honestly gotta say that I love both equally as much! Huge gigs are great because it’s just a mind blowing experience to stand on a big stage, running like a maniac from left to right and feel the power of the huge sound system but the club shows are as great. You are more in touch with the audience and that creates a way more intense experience.

6). For the people who don't know you, could you advice a song or album that identify you most?

I’d definitely say latest full length called FEED ME VIOLENCE . This record was the first one we have done in the current line up and I think it represents our musical evolution really well. All our different influences have come together on this album. It’s a bit more diverse than its predecessors and it has a wider spectrum of variety in its composition to offer.

7)Which are your musical inspirations?

Of course, they are all a bit different for each one of us, but I think I can say, that it goes from Punk/ Heavy Metal all the way up to the harder stuff like Death Metal. I personally take my writing influences from way heavier stuff than we play. VITAL REMAINS is a great example. Their record called DECHRISTIANIZE had a huge impact on my songwriting. Hard to believe but it’s the truth hahaha. But also bands like CANDLEMASS, SAVATAGE, MAIDEN, CRO-MAGS, KING DIAMOND / MERCYFUL FATE and EXODUS are huge influences to all of us. Those are the bands you can easily hear in our songs. Our song MENTAL

PENITENTIARY for example has a really heavy, stomping riff in the middle, right before the solo. I was listening to a looooot of CRO-MAGS at that time and just thought:” why the heck not have a CRO-MAGS like part in one of our songs as well!?”

8)Last question, do you know Italian metal scene? And if it yes, what do you think about?

I am not completely familiar with the scene itself but I am a huge fan of Bulldozer for example. Plus the last release by Vultures Vengeance is just killer! I really like what these guys are doing!

9). A quick hello for our readers, thanks for your time!

Anytime again! :) If you guys want to check us out, next year we will be touring in the Netherlands and Germany in March.

Plus we are already confirmed for a bunch of festivals like RockHarz in Germany, Barcelona Rock Fest in Spain and Alcatraz in Belgium. Hopefully we will also come to Italy, so you guys don’t have to travel whole Europe hahaha.

The gig list is slowly filling so if you want to stay updated to our activities, check our Facebook page: for information and content.