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I was at Summer Breeze 2018, and i was interviewing bands and shooting photos, changing stage to stage quickly, but I stopped soon as I heard something different and captivating, and slowly with the camera in my hand I entered into the Camel Stage, there I saw a band of young musicians full of charisma, and the instant I heard them, I started taking pictures, captured by their stage presence. From the charisma of Simon Olsen. So at the end of the live, I rapited him for an improvised live interview. They were, They are the BAEST.

The band formed in 2015, playing in over 40 shows in their first year of existence and performing in festivals such as Copenhell, Roskilde, Royal Metal Fest, Summer Breeze and supported bands such as Hatebreed, Dying Fetus, Entombed AD and Illdisposed. In the summer of 2018 they released their first full-length, 'Danse Macabre', the best-selling vinyl in Denmark and made sales and streaming of over 250,000.

The Baest are: Lasse Revsbech guitar, Simon Olsen - vocals, Sebastian Abildstendrums, Mattias Melchiorsenbass, Svend Karlsson - guitar​.

Domenico, review:

Danse Macabre could make you think of a song by CELTIC FROST published in their first album MORBID TALES, but we know the origin of the sound and the technique of death metal that have not only one way, and this subgenre has many roots since their supreme birth came confirmed after the supporting pillar, that is, thrash metal laid the foundations for a genre that from then on would have made havoc both in a musical and cultural sense.

From the beginning, death metal was an important resource because between 1985-1986, bands like SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, KREATOR, POSSESSED and how not to mention the founding fathers NECROPHAGIA and DEATH (EX MANTAS-MASSACRE-KAM LEE-RICK ROZZ) of father of the fathers CHUCK SHULDINER, great artist and guitarist with a past in the SLAUGHTER Canadian death metal band.

Having said that, we make a 30-year time jump. BAEST. Danish technical death metal band, have their roots in this conception as if the thrash, death and rebirth scene has been reincarnated in them, and why not a small black metal dose where the voice in full tradition growl of the singer SIMON OLSEN put to master in clear the stylistic direction of the band, ENTOMBED and MORBID ANGEL among the vocal choices of the singer who according to the writer crosses lacerating growl, a mix between LARS GORAN PETROV AND DAVE VINCENT and we start with CROSSWHORE.

CROSSWHORE starts off right away with a very perfect riff in order to make every death metal maniac of this land jump out of the chair. drummer Sebastian Abildsten a real war machine behind the skins, and the section of the two guitarists Svend Karlsson and Lasse Revsbech design breathtaking rhythms that make even envious names like RICHARD BRUNELLE and TREY AZAGHTOTH of MORBID ANGEL, a truly deadly track as the forerunner of an album that will make fury in the years to come Bassist Mattias Melchiorsen, the band's true rhythmic engine, should note that he will talk a lot about why he takes inspiration from this subgenre.

HECATOMB, furious as a cannon shot and sidereal speed, the murderous madness of SIMON to vocals and true masters of the genre, a midtempo in the central part of the song outlines the concept and a solo worthy of the school of the bay area thrashers in full TESTAMENT style, to then return to a nefarious reality. Riff to lose the head are at the base of this tritone piece, as if it had already rained enough blood from the sky.

DANSE MACABRE, a sweet initial guitar delights us, as six BAESTs had understood in advance their way of being artists and musicians of high rank but after a few seconds of sound agony we start immediately on fast and furious territories, a really beautiful and built song on square rhythms, vocals exited from the afterlife and frenzied riffing from neck-breaker with a harmonized part in the central part are the masters and then return to pound hard until the end of this macabre dance and a melody coming out of the pen of the best AT THE GATES.

ALTRA MORS, a roar throws us into the abyss, between midtempo and tears in full death metal, the song winds through a concentration of power and musical glory where the band plays like a symphony orchestra and the listener's emotion reaches levels unheard of, in other words goosebumps, a terrifying solo draws the way before a break to scream and a dark ending.

MESSE MACABRE, between growl and terrifying drum strokes we slither into the most 'SLAYER track of the lot, a frenzied drumming and a fearful guitar section interpret the vocals of the SIMON singer at best.

RITUAL, begins mild and sweet worthy of MY DYNG BRIDE more dreamy where the guitars would like us to reflect how the music has a delicate soul, but VORTEX arrives bursting to dictate the law with an unbridled ferocity, to then continue the sound slaughter in the part central part of the piece in question and a beautiful and gloomy ending.

EGO TE ABSOLVO, a beautiful and well-structured song that closes this record with virulent death metal from the technical grains, a real glory for those who like me have always had an appreciation for this genre, a hypnotic and gritty march accompanies this guttural track and at the same time evil, lacerating times, all kinds of growling and a never

trivial massacre riffing make these BAESTs a death metal band to watch.

VOTE: 8.5.

It should be noted that this band has many influences, so the importance of their sound evolution and the founding fathers of this genre have been an extra gear for them, like Bloodbath, Skeletal remains, Morbid Angel, Dawn of demise, Obituary, Entombed, Opeth, Bolt Thrower, ABBA, Dissection.

If you want to follow them find them on facebook or deezer.per listen to them.

Listen the entire album, Danse Macabre

Domenico Costa, known as "MIMMOWHIPLASH", President and Headchapter of MY FRIENDS OF SICILY, Local Chapter and Official Fans Club # 458 Sicilian and Italian by Metallica.

Ada and Baest at Summer Breeze 2018: