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John Kevill - Vocals,

Adam Carroll - Guitar

Carlos Cruz - Drums

Chase Becker - Guitar

Chase Bryant - Bass

WARBRINGER are a band to keep an eye on on the international scene. After five albums where they distributed brutality, technique and melody, they reach their sixth album in 2020 with maturity and dedication and above all impact and avant-garde.

The first song FIREPOWER KILLS is their first single, released many months before the album, it is a real cannon fired point-blank, a real concentrate of thrash metal a pure US style to blow up the most damned thrash metal maniac from the face of planet earth; will you say where the news is? the return of ADAM CARROLL and CARLOS CRUZ and the brand new grafts of CHASE BECKER on the guitar and CHASE BRYANT on the bass reinvigorated a band where in previous works they were more melodic and less inclined to make the grueling riffs of the first two works pulsate band.

The Black Hand Reaches Out, the band's second single is a real punch in the face right away, JOHN KEVILL makes it clear from the start the themes covered in this song, the rest of the band draws every riff to perfection and every solo hits straight in the sign; from this song a videoclip was shot where the band officially presents itself in 2020 with great emphasis and desire to amaze.

Crushed Beneath the Tracks, after a roll of drums, you go straight to the point, in a solid and well structured midtempo, where the band plays the devil at 4 hitting the listener before the central sound assault and a fearful solo, excellent song and excellent conception in wisely using the instruments in one's possession makes this song a true must of the genre.

Defiance of Fate opens with a melodic opening where the band wants to take a breather, the dark singing makes the song a real boulder, everything is designed to draw a macabre and dark reality, the melody is the true undisputed queen of this song, if you listen to it well it looks like a song written by the CAVANAGH brothers of ANATHEMA, excellent solo and killer riffs designed for the occasion, simply magnificent.

Unraveling starts immediately determined and direct without unnecessary frills, a real blow between the eyes and every comment is superfluous, a few good talk, a terrifying song.

Heart of Darkness and it is the turn of CHASE BRYANT on bass at the beginning of the song supported by the guitars of ADAM CARROLL and CHASE BECKER, the song soon winds in a sort of melancholic and oppressive, grandiose melody, ideas are not lacking and make the song compelling at the same time, CARLOS CRUZ on drums deals every blow to perfection with an exhilarating and vocally guttural and suffering ending.

Power Unsurpassed part immediately decided and direct, ANOTHER MUST OF THE ALBUM, being another single of the platter in question, the song is a masterpiece of musical perfection with no ifs and buts, a cadenced part inspires the essence and it characterizes its structure until the end.

Outer Reaches starts with an epic opening and then returns to fast and furious territories, rhythmically perfect, this song will become a true classic of the band in the future, great central solo and a lot of anger and stop and go of other times with an exciting solo and a riff that breaks the frenzied rhythms of before making us lose contact with reality, GREAT !!!!!

Notre Dame (King of Fools) is a colossus of song, monolithic and abrasive in its slow and swinging gait, it soon unfolds on wild and desirably winning rhythms where the melody still draws its contours.

Glorious End last song proposed in the lineup of this WEAPONS OF TOMORROW dated WARBRINGER 2020 is the last single of the album, a desisely mature song, narrated, with many nuances also in the rhythmic structures of each single instrument and vocally serious and never banal , a magnificent solo in the central part and a long litany by JOHN KEVILL draws a vision of the world in decline but with a GLORIOUS END.

A great album destined for the history of music METAL ODIERNA. After WOE TO THE VANQUISHED of 2017, this latest album by the 2020 branded band gives the idea that we are now facing a star formation that will make people talk a lot about themselves in future years.

VOTE 9/10