Ada has always been a dreamer. She grew up with the the survival adventure of Robinson Crusoe, the stubborn investigation of Nancy Drew. She was in every car and road Sal took and slept in the prairie under the stars. She fell in love with Mr. Darcy, and she cried when Tristan left Isolde alone. This is the world of her books that she is absolutely crazy about. However, she also loves to sit on the porch with Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues, to dance with Fred Astaire in Dancing Cheek to Cheek, to ride the Harley with White Lion in Radar Love, to dance in Girls, Girls, Girls in front of Mötley Crüe, to make noise with Nofx, to get out of jail with Shotgun Sally of Cats in Boots, to walk into the mist with Legends of the Fall, and to hold the hammer with Týr. Her soul is connected to nature, to the old northern belief. She works with herbs and runes. Her passion is lying in a lavander field or a green field with the sunlight on her face, and the sound of a river nearby. Her passion has always been writing in general and poetry. She studied music, history and naturopathy. Her main passion now, however, is photography. She gratuated at Nikon School Academy. The love for music has always been there, and about ten years ago Ada found a way to combine all of her passions, creating a place, a project, where music, art and passion could coexist, and this place was called LONG LIVE ROCK. Over the years, Long Live Rock evolved into what is now called POISONED ROCK. Furthermore, Ada is continuing to write books, paint and work as a photographer, while all of the time staying in the world of MUSIC!



I am Nadine from Germany. I love old classic rock bands since earliest childhood. Also I prefer metal music. I am a hobby singer/ guitarist. Drawing is also a big passion of mine. To be a part of poisoned rock is a dream coming true. A team out of power women working and supporting together with music legends.


adrienne reyes:

I'm Adrienne Reyes from Cuero,Tx.Ive been a metal fan since I was a kid I grew up with a Dad that played in a metal band I grew up with it from the beginning.

Music is very important to me and my son Stevey

Jewelzz white:

Hailing from Penticton bc canada Front woman for Effigy of hate (vocalist , lyricist ) President of inner demon records / seer promotions Music enthusiast , entertainer , independent model I am very much one with nature .. while my roots run deep within the metal /rock music .. I'm very open and do appreciate all forms of creative artisticness much love \m/